Result Oriented

The Real Techs uses proven and practical web design & development technologies.

With a lot of options available in the makret, we as a top notch Website Designing Company help you find which is the best and most suitable for you. At The Real Techs, our ultimate goal is to simplify the whole website process. With your input and our experienced approach we make a website project a pure success. Not only this, we also help our clients to choose the best tools for hosting and content management. We guide you throughout the process and make sure to answer all of your concerns and quries.

Professional Approach.

Web development specialists at TRT are well-versed and trained for modern web technologies. Every project we deal has a detailed plan of action so it can perform successfully. The planning process, exchange of ideas, variety of solutions/options and respective responsibilities, ensures that you and us are on the same page working towards a common goal. As a successful Website Development company in USA, our aim of the process is to identify your needs and purpose of the wbesite. This information helps us to provide you with a problem solving design, structure and functionalities.

Why do you really need a business website?

Trust in the Internet has certainly changed the way business is done over the last decade.

If you don’t have an online presence or your existing online presence is not what users love to interact with, you are missing out on selling in the most efficient way. Small or big business, having a top-notch user friendly website has always proven to be a reason for increase in sales. The reason being, people search for services online and make decisions after interacting with a business website. Your website is your 24/7 salesman online on the internet creating trust with your customers. As a Website Designing Company, The Real Techs has to offer alot for your online business problems. What is stopping you to make your online customers trust your business for choosing your services?


As 95% of the people search for services online, majority of those searches are being made with mobile devices.

Having a good designed website is not just enough. You never want your clients to leave your website because it is not mobile friendly. A response website adjusts according to different screen sizes (Mobiles, Laptops and PCs) without disturbing the layout of the website. This makes the website to be viewed easily and increases the user experience. Professional developers at The Real Techs make sure that you have a website that is highly mobile device friendly. We don’t want you to take towards the technical part, but undertsand that every aspect of conversion of sales and leads is taken into consideration when developing a website for your business.

Design & Development Strategy

We believe in listening to what customer is actually looking for.

Unlike any other company, our ego never comes in the way of process. If you have design ideas for your business website, we are more than happy to convert them into your dream website. If you are confused , don’t worry. We will provide you with a top notch website design keeping in mind all of your requirements and goals. Now you can decide to make any changes you want to have in your website. The Real Techs always proposes with multiple unique ideas but only works on the ones that the client agrees on. Website Developers at TRT are one of the best in the industry. We make sure to develop a website for you that you can easily handle by yourself as well. Our used content management system is the most effective popular CMS in the world.

We are responsible for:

  • Technical analysis of a website.
  • The choice of the technical solution.
  • The development of all technical features of the website.
  • Compliance with good coding practices.
  • Testing and validation of the developed features in the website.
  • The formation of the client when the website is delivered to him.
  • Technical support throughout the life of the website.
  • Fixing all sort of problems encountered by the client.

Benefits of Custom Responsive Website Designs

  • As per Google requirements, a responsive website is one of the major and is preferred over other websites.
  • For a responsive and functional website, you don’t need to have two different websites, one for desktop view and the second for mobile view.
  • Responsive and functional websites are much user friendly and the visitors feel it comforting to go through all of your services and choose you for the job.
What clients say
Professional and knowledgeable. They quickly presented me with a beautiful website. They also were very responsive and made sure to keep me engaged even when I forgot to follow through. Check out their work at
Chris Gaisbauer
Website had been a real issue for us for a very long time. Some bad experiences, but these guys got us the dream website we were trying to have. Real quick response and excellent service. Highly recommended.
Richard Green
Great Experience. They always kept me in contact through out the process. I am having a good response with my new website. I would definitely recommend them.
Anna Richmond
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